Why Mechanical Engineers are Not Getting Job in India


Why Mechanical Engineers are Not Getting Job in India

There are a lot of job openings for mechanical engineer in Central government, State Government, and the private sector. there is a large number of mechanical graduate students. In the last year, 2 Lakh students have appeared in GATE in mechanical engineering and the same trends are continuing from the last five years. This shows that there are jobs in mechanical engineering but the number of students is very large. Employment for mechanical engineering students is possible only with the development of core manufacturing field country. At the same time, students also need to focus on their acquired skills with the theoretical understanding for they can start with a low-level job or even less paid job in there of interest, They will demand and value the acquire skills and understanding in his or her field.

It’s true, Mechanical Engineers don’t get a job or they are unemployed. As B.Com or BCA students can also be a software developer, as well a non-medical student can also be an IT employee or software developer the best example for these is the Narayana Murthy an electrical engineer. But for the job that requires mechanical engineering students then how can any other field candidate can fit in that profile. And it is nothing like mechanical engineers has fewer opportunities, there equal opportunities for mechanical engineers and software engineers jobs, but the issue is most of them prefer designing and computer-related jobs no one gets ready to dirt their hands even at the beginning stage.

Like Mechanical Engineers the Civil Engineers also established their branch in India. therefore jobs pertaining to this branch see a tough competition from industry experienced mechanical engineers. Still, there is nothing to worry, Do start from small but don’t forget to make it large with your own efforts.

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