What should I Do to Make a Career in Banking?


What should I Do to Make a Career in Banking?

For making a career in banking you need to appear for IBPS-PO or SBI-PO exam to be selected as a Probationary officer and start in officer grade. for both the exam the competition is fierce only because of a high number of applicants. Both these exams mostly include MCQ covering basic mathematics, statistics, and English, analytical, comprehension skills, and the interview will be taken by the board people who have been working in a bank or have some knowledge proficiency in a certain area like all the professors.

I will not suggest you any books to read or I will not say that X is better than Y because, in reality, it’s nothing like that. Mainly the consistency and practice is the key to getting past cut-off-marks, you need to clear both the cut-off section-wise and overall to get selected for an Interview. If you get hired as a PO, There will be an extensive training for you including on job training and you will be posted o branch like rural or semi-urban as it will be your first posting. Most people also get posted in offices but that’s not the norm.

You can also join banking by specialized jobs or support activities such as HE or Marketing or Compliance or Tech Functions. It is the process building, Sales, Technology and Data Entry. The traditional purview of banking is being big on numbers is something y which you will get to get experience in profiles such as treasury, credit Risk, Wholesale Banking Corporation, etc. There is no culture or educational or work experience barriers in banking. It is the specialized profession but you will be the best with either extremely strong quantitative skills or either strong sales skills. It is easy to Start a career in banking but it is hard to stay in the career of banking.

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