What Motivates you at work? While Working at Job in a Company


What Motivates you at work?

“What motivates you at work?” It is important to question which is asked during the job interview. This question helps the potential employer to understand your personality, what kind of person you are, how you will fit in the team, what bothers you, etc. If you answer this question honestly, it will help to the interviewer to connect with you more deeply and get understand why you are looking for work to a specific position.

Whether you prefer working with the team based environment or individual atmosphere then you can touch your professional style. These types of jobs are deadline based, so before working think twice whether it will motivate you or you will keep working under pressure. If you succeed with deadlines, talk about professional experience examples where you set and received deadlines and felt motivated by a meeting. If you are thinking about how to answer the question of what motivates you at work, you can also discuss the skills you developed by professional achievements.

The potential employer usually does not ask about your career and goals. Try to focus on motivation which will help you while working in the job. Avoid topic as a motivator is a money. Talk about the success you had in the past and fulfillment of your career to earn an income. Example, my motivation comes from providing better service to customers with whom I come in contact; I look to opportunities to improve customer service skills so that each person will interact with the positive experience.

Also look at these types of examples, if you come to interview by preparing with examples, will maintain the positive and upbeat tone that will help to motivate your work, it will also help you to maintain calm attitude while answering the questions. Usually, good environment fills great orderliness, good structures, intellectuals, corporation and mainly motivates you to do your job.


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