What is the Procedure to Get a Job in CBI?


What is the Procedure to Get a Job in CBI?

First, you may try to clear all the civil services, which obtain high rank to be eligible for IPS and after you may have a chance to be allotted or posted to State Police cadres / CBI / IB / RAW, etc. Such important agencies are engaged in maintenance of law and order, counter espionage, corruption, national security, fighting terror, etc. Mostlybis said that the placements or posting in these higher agencies like CBI, IB, RAW, etc. are mainly in recommendations. The recommendation does mean favoritism and patronage. An Officer having talent, having appropriate aptitude and attitude, having a special kind of education background, skills and expertise, are noticed by a well placed and well-meaning senior, may also get a favorable recommendation. All these agencies need good person perform.

To become a group A level officer directly in CBI and IB, you need to go from Civil Service examination conducted by UPSC which is held on every year. You must choose IPS for getting an entry into CBI and IB as a group A Officer. You should opt IPS, not IAS for RAW, in the best knowledge, staffs are acquired from personals working in armed forces including paramilitary and also the police forces and Military. Director of RAW is a IPS Officer.

to Join as sub-inspector in CBI, you should have passed SSC CGL examination which is conducted every year. Here you will be appointed as a group B officer but not in group A., It is possible to become group A officer if you are efficient after a period of service. Another method is to get enter to IB and CBI by a deputation from state police service. IB and CBI Officers comes on deputation from the IPS. As regards RAW, in addition to officers from police others from different services are also taken on deputation and mostly absorbed, subsequently.

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