What is the Difference Between Average Mind and Brilliant Mind


What is the Difference Between Average Mind and Brilliant Mind

From the lot of observation and experience e came to know that the awareness and living currently are the key which can make a topper to anybody the world calls them brilliantly. If you are in 5th semester of B.Tech you will keep thinking what will make you the topper. So it’s important to understand the awareness level. A student who is topper try to solve the problem at the time when he/she faces. So there is no problem left till exam and result are that he or she can be a topper. Average students mostly leave the problem he or she got until the end of an exam there are many problems which are left out and are made them average marker obtained. AS well we all know the limited syllabus and we do not have to do any kind of research only we just have to complete that.

According to the experience, the average students just wanted to pass the exams with the good marks and grades. But the brilliant students who look out for each and every question and also the situation in a different way they use their presence of mind and try to express themselves in a different way which average students cannot. The average students never thought of being a topper and also not interested in being a topper or in a top position means they give an invitation to expectations of our family members.

Example, One of the senior topper of the class for the last 2 years with a good intellectual and grasping power, He is focused and handles every situation very easily and makes the difficult to difficult question very easy this is his brilliance. But, he doesn’t at all have any kind of ego problem because sometimes if average students gots good marks in any of the subjects than the topper of the class, average students got egoistic and start to show their attitude with rarely seems too brilliant students. so everyone is perfect in their place whether he is brilliant or average.

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