What are Some Useful Study Hacks of Topmost Students?


What are Some Useful Study Hacks of Topmost Students?

The Characteristics of topmost students, and if you follow the same characteristics you also be the topmost student as well.


I have seen that the topmost students always close to 100% attendance. If you are studying in school or college or any university and you attending all the lectures, the chances of retaining everything would be very high. In addition, you are able to take your own notes one hundred percent times. this becomes very crucial down the line till the semester ends. you will usually feel more confident and perfect prepared as compared to some others who did not attend all the lectures.

Listen carefully

Mostly the topmost students always listen very carefully in the class and also the lectures. Teachers and professors strive towards delivering their best, and good students who want to absorb every bit of it. they usually listen very carefully, process it in their brain, understand it perfectly, and then write it down.

Taking out the Notes

This characteristic is of principal type of a topmost student. topmost students never rely on someone else those who are taking notes from them. they take their own notes ever. you are very likely to retain everything better that you have written in your own handwriting than to retain it in someone else’s handwriting. If you ever missed any class, do borrow someone else’s notes, and write all the notes in your own handwriting. Never photocopied anyone else’s notes.

Ask the question until understanding

Most of the professors usually very willing to answer the questions in a classroom because they want that the students may understand all the material and it also tells them that the students are understanding the material correctly. Mostly the good students do not get hesitate while asking any question. Now you don’t disrupt all the lectures, and you must not try to test the knowledge of your teacher. you should ask briefly and genuinely. sometimes I have seen very good students taking some moment after the class for asking the questions that are still unanswered. by this way, they do not have to disrupt the whole class, and many teachers are willing to do this.

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