Order of Engineering Branches According to Placements


Order of Engineering Branches According to Placements

1. Mechanical Engineering.

2. Civil Engineering.

3. Computer Science Engineering.

1. Mechanical Engineering:

India always had heavy manufacturing industries like metal, automobile, steel mining and forging. All these industries require a flow of engineering graduates. With the automation, more and more engineers require monitoring, supervise and fault diagnose the system. Mechanical engineers are also required in IT sectors to develop and design ERP solutions.which supposed to have better manufacturing and production processes. the top employers of mechanical engineers are heavy engineering, ship yards, railways, mining, ports, defense forces, metro railway corporation and national highways etc.

2. Civil Engineering:

Civil engineers are the best-recognized engineers in India through contribution in building huge dams, ports, bridges, railways, and airports. during the period of the 70s and 90s, due to non-availability of many infrastructures, the popularity and the demand of this branch nose dived except government colleagues, private college did not offer this branch. when infrastructure development boomed in the country during the nineties this branch created a Vaccum. all of the construction projects require supervisors, architects, and other site engineers. there was a rush in private colleagues to open the civil engineering branch. It is simple to study civil engineering as compared to other branches.

3. Computer Science Engineering:

In India innovation and manufacturing sectors are not very strong and they do not provide enough opportunities to electronics, textile, instrumentation. boi-medical and aeronautical engineering branches. The service sector is strongest as per the job opportunities and commercial gains. Banking, railways, airlines, hospitals, every where there is a requirement of a software solution. The billion device produce a sector from every automobile to need microprocessor control, which is software driven. It is not only coding of this services but also testing and life time support. the demand is not going to go away, it may get slow for limited periods.

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