What is meant by Flexible Working Hours?


  What is meant by Flexible Working Hours?

Employees need to work for their employees under their contract for 26weeks before applying for flexible working. This request can be made but the employer does not need to regard as a statutory application. Flexible working has many advantages over shift patterns. When you ask your employer by writing for flexible working hours, then it is a very good idea to get a clear idea of what you want to achieve. Flexible working hours also include arrangements for the people who are going to retire but are not ready to leave the workplace. There are various ways by which flexibility of working is organized. These means the employers can ignore it if they wish. 

   If you have worked for Six Months then Law Specifies is:

  1. Be Patient.
  2. Apply in Writing.
  3. See Contract Change.
  4. Allow for Disagreement.
  1. Be patient:

An employer is allowed to respond to your request only up to three months not more than that. The time period can be extended but it will be done when you will get agree for it.

  1. Apply in Writing:

Only the written requests are considered for flexible working to be statutory applications. You can write an email or a letter but make sure to date correspondence. Big employees have application forms which you can use.

  1. See Contract Change:

If your request is accepted successfully, then the employer will need to alter the conditions and the terms of your contract to accommodate the newly agreed working pattern. Unless it is not done properly, your flexible working pattern will not be placed.

  1. Allow for Disagreement:

If the employer does not accept your request, then they must have reasonable grounds. It is possible to make a formal complaint to an employment tribunal when you think they don’t have such type grounds.


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