Land Your First Job in Sales


Land Your First Job in Sales

What is Selling Yourself to sales manager? What can be your first job? The main thing in selling, you need to know your content marketing from advertising. Here some Do’s and Don’t to give your CV the sales angle and help you to smash that interview.

DO be Friendly:

Smile, look in interviewer’s eyes, give them a compliment, shake hands confidently this everything can dine with you if you were in real life sales situation. You are actually in the real life sale situation so you must sell yourself.

DON’T Ignore the Trends:

Read marketing and sales blog before the interview. Ignore the trends in sales in any industry. LinkedIn is good places to start selling but looks for specific sector also. If you are applying for a technology product selling job then read and research on that sector, what is the percentage of the market online and offline?  What is selling and why? Which demographic is buying the product? What is the competition? Be prepared to talk about this entire thing in the interview.

DO Quantify Everything:

You must quantify your experience and success, but it is only important when you are applying for a job in sales, where targets are important and everything. There’s no matter how much experience you have, but make sure to measure and explain your contribution.

DON’T be a Technophobe:

Selling is increasingly moving online, and there are software applications that integrate techniques of sales to make the life easier. Sales include market automation software such as Hubspot and Marketo and CRMs like Salesforce. Get to know how these programs work and talk about it in your interview.

DO Prepare, Prepare, And Prepare:

Prepare to know the answer and to give quick answers. Research everything about the company where you are applying for a job and also about the interviewers if you can. Then practice everything that you have prepared with your friends and family. Make a list of a question and go through it again and again. Make sure the grammar and spelling are perfect.


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