Job for English Majors



Job for English Majors

If you majored in English someone will definitely ask you the question “what are you going to do with that?”.  You also find the jobs for English majors. A degree in this area can help you to prepare for a variety of careers. If you want to study literature or writing in college but you may worry about your degree that what you will do with your degree after graduation, try the options which are given below.

Option for English majors:

  1. Writer or Editor.
  2. Secondary School Teacher.
  3. Public Relation Specialists.
  4. Marketing Manager.
  1. Writer or Editor:

Writers or editor evaluate or create written contents for newspapers, magazines, advertisements, online media, television shows and movies. English majors may become nonfiction authors, advertising copywriters, novelists, website content writers, technical writers, bloggers, play writers and screen writers. It is decided on careers as newspapers and magazines editors, online editors and book editors.

  1. Secondary School Teacher:

Teacher mostly helps students to learn new concepts in various subjects. So they need a bachelor’s degree in education. Since high school teachers usually specialize in disciplines such as languages, arts, mathematics, social studies, science or a world language. Get an English degree if you want to share the field of study with the secondary school students.

  1. Public Relations Specialists:

Public relations represent governments, organizations, companies, and individuals to the public. They write and prepare for press conferences, using various Medias to reach out to the public.  There are no standard requirements for working, if you choose a career in this occupation, you should major in a field of study that will teach you how to communicate.

  1. Marketing Manager:

Marketing manager identifies markets, determine how to reach potential customers. Mostly the marketing managers are responsible for companies marketing strategies. Many employers prefer to hire candidates who have a degree in business and communication skills.


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