How your Social Media Should be Business Proofed?


How your Social Media Should be Business Proofed?

Make sure your Social media habits don’t you from getting the new job or next promotion. Here are few things you can do to your boss proof your social.

Tips to Business Proof your Social Media:

1. Create a List.

2. Use LinkedIn.

3 .Check your Privacy Settings.

4 .Don’t Talk About Work.

5 .Use your Common Sense.

1. Create a List:

If you are friends with your boss, It may create a list of Facebook. You can limit what people see on that list, so you can easily choose the pictures in which you have tagged also the status updates and photo albums.

2. Use LinkedIn:

LinkedIn is used to impress potential employers. LinkedIn is a social channel. So when you complete your profile 100%, Make sure that your job title is accurate and your summary is short and concise. In your summary use the key words that will help you to get found in searches. Don’t Lie, because it is public information and get verified easily. Post a Professional image in your profile, a Shoulders profile is considered best. Make sure to be active always, make your network by industry experts and by joining relevant groups also showcase your project and interests by sharing links to industry news.

3. Check your Privacy Settings:

You can change the setting to ‘only friends’ who see your future posts on Facebook. by this your HR people won’t be able to search you. It’s worth selecting when you asked to show your timeline in search engine results and if you switch to ‘no’ then nobody can search you by your phone number or email address.

4. Don’t Talk About Work:

It’s a best way to avoid talking about work on social media. whether you are connected to colleagues or not. Avoid naming your employer in profile information. If you do, whatever you say can associated or attributed to them, which may land you in trouble.

5. Use your Common Sense:

It’s very important to use your common sense in social media before posting anything on it. A rule of thumb never put anything up which you won’t want your boss see. Even they see or not.

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