How to Study 17 Hours with Full Concentration?


How to Study 17 Hours with Full Concentration?

Start by Breaking your Studying Session into a plan with Small, Easy to Follow Steps:

Every time you have to decide what to do next what is the chance to the offramp by creating any easy steps to follow the study plan as like your first step will be, you remove that decision points and just revisit the plan each and every time when you finish the step. you will get to feel a sense of accomplishment each time, which builds your momentum.”Easy to follow” what does it mean? write a task in your way that a robot could do them.


When you are committing to something in advance makes it easier to follow by deciding in the moment to do the things. for example, It is easy to schedule a study session for tomorrow now instead to wait until tomorrow to do it. Better, pre-commit with an accountability partner.

Find and create an environment without any Distractions:

A Library is a Good Example because you are not allowed to talk loudly, certain websites are blocked and the people around you which are working.

Turn Off Your Mobile Phones:

There are many reasons to resist doing this. but do it anyway. Checking your phone will break your flow and waste your momentum. Even you should keep your mobile in an another room. You won’t be able to miss anything.

Get Enough Sleep:

Many problems occur or created when you did get you proper sleep. So try to get enough sleep and you will have a full tank of willpower and focus. you will also retain more of what you learn.

Daily Exercise and Mediate:

Keep Exercising regularly, keep mental stress at bay because it is clear prevention against depression, lethargy and anxiety. It helps to active each and every cell of the body. This is primarily the reason why the most successful people exercise twice a day even for a short time. Some of the world-class companies we know today like Amazon, Google, Walmart etc. makes a point to give their employees fitness services primarily for this reason.

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