How to Resign from your Job?


How to Quit your Job?

It’s not easy to turn your resignation, Even if you are fired, it can be difficult to resign tactfully. Even if you hate your job or the boss it is not easy to resign. Firstly be sure, that you really want to quit. Here are some god reasons for leaving a job, and some reasons why it’s not good to quit. Make sure you are living the job for good reasons because a bad week doesn’t seem it won’t get better any time.

Tips to quit your job:

  1. Review Resignation Pros and Cons.
  2. Give adequate notice.
  3. How to quite gracefully.
  4. Write a resignation letter.
  5. Return company property.
  6. What to say to our Boss.


  1. Review Resignation Pros and Cons:

Before you make the decision to quit, be sure it’s a right decision. If you can spend a day in office “shadowing” the staff. It may reinforce your decision to take the position or help to decide you don’t want a new job after all.

  1. Give Adequate Notice:

If you are an employment contract you need to give notice. It is appropriate to offer two weeks notice. In some cases, It’s unable to stay for another couple of weeks.

  1. How to quit gracefully:

The formal way to resign is to write a resignation letter and tell your boss that you are leaving, another quit on phone call or send via mail.

  1. Write a Resignation Letter:

Write a resignation letter, It will help you to maintain a positive relationship with your older employers. You never know when you will need old employees to give the references.  So write a polished and professional resignation letter.

  1. Return company property:

Return company property you have including keys, computers, phones, that belongs to you. By it you don’t get responsible for any situation gets occur.

  1. What to say to your boss:

Don’t say much more than you are leaving. Talk positive about how the company benefited you, also mention that it’s time to move on. Don’t be negative.

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