How to do Preparation for Competitive Exam?



How to do Preparation for Competitive Exam?

Preparation for any competitive exam first understand the pre-requisites for examination. Scan previous years question papers it will help to get an idea about the exam pattern. Scan your exam syllabus and note the weight age of the subjects, by these you can plan for preparation.

Tips for Preparation for Competitive Exam:

  1. Follow a Time-Table.
  2. Focus on Concepts.
  3. Self Evaluation is very Critical.
  4. Stay Positive and Confident.
  1. Follow a timetable:

Make a timetable with short-term and long-term goals Which will help you to prepare timely for the exam. Timetable makes you more disciplined. And if once you understand ‘what to prepare?’, ‘how to prepare?’, you can easily prepare for your exam. Making timetable is easy, but do not Procrastinate the task assigned for today should not be pushed to tomorrow.

  1. Focus on Concepts:

Focus on concepts of preparation. Better understanding helps you to remember the concepts for a long time. And by clear understanding, you can handle the questions related to those concepts. You can also create your tips and interesting acronyms to remember Formulas or difficult terminologies. You try to make a short note in your own way, as it helps to revise few days before the exam.

  1. Self-evaluation is very critical:

You must evaluate yourself for time to time preparation. You must write sample papers for competitive preparation because studying alone does not make preparation complete.

  • Tips while writing sample papers:
  1. Check your speed and accuracy.
  2. Avoid guesswork if there is negative marking.
  3. Evaluate and analyze your answer sheet well.
  4. Attempt the sample papers without taking breaks.
  1. Stay positive and confident:

You should believe yourself and preparation. “belief” is a powerful tool. After study time, to avoid last minute rush and stress. Spend 10-15 minutes on revising what you learnt whole day before going to bed. You must not take stress in preparation time, stay away from stressful persons. Try to meditate, meditation improves concentration. And tell yourself “I can, I will, and I must”..!


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