How Sales Changes in the Digital World?


How Sales Changes in the Digital World?

Do a price comparison and social media and Googling customers mean the end of sales people? Not at all even with the changes that digital technology has brought to the sales process. 

Less Face to Face:

The salesperson evolves to reflect the fact that selling less will take place in face to face environment. According to research by the corporative executive board, the self-proclaimed leading member based on the advisory company. 57% of a purchase decision is made before the customer talks suppliers. There no doubt that social media and retailers make their own web shop easier for the customers so that they can do their own research to find what other people think about the products and the service. It does not mean that salesperson is marginalized by digital technology like a certain way of selling is. A performance measurement firm and global sales potential notes the rise of online technologies these means the transactional sales migrate continue from face to face selling. As the extreme of the spectrum will grow the customer segmentation will become more complex and critical.

The Potential of Digital India:

The digital world is not the enemy of the salesperson, it just a playing field on which they must compete. The most interesting survey is finding 72.7% of sales people using social media for selling process. The Forbes pointed out the world’s top salespersons, those who can recognize in the social media. Social media offers talented sales people to get an ability to know today’s buyer. There is the very simple reason while face book, twitter, and YouTube and the rest empower buyers function as what is described as the most honest, largest and unselfconscious group in the world. In the other words customer’s talks honestly about what they are buying. How they are buying and why they are buying making this decision is an invaluable source of intelligence for people.


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