How Engineers Can Get a Job in Bosch


How the Engineers can get a Job in Bosch

If Engineers do challenging their career that could take you 60 international locations, then take time from the busy schedule of revision to look at Bosch, Which has just re-opened its Grad Scheme Recruitment. Bosch has 3,934 employees work at a location in Bosch company. The Bosch business group is divided into four sectors: Industrial technology, Mobility solutions, Energy, building technology, consumer goods.

Here are few things to tell you about the company and its recruitment process. HR officer at the Bosch who has provided top tips on how to make the application stand out from the others.

What kind of engineering roles does Bosch offer the graduates?

Graduate Specialist Programme trainees get an opportunity to work with the automotive engineers by proving a technical support, from the office and from out of the field, to automotive customers. Graduates at the power tools, Garden and lawn in Stowmarket, Suffolk will be included in day to day work of department development for the specific products ranges like hedge cutters. they become the part of a cross functional team.

What does the company graduate programme involve?

The participants stuck and take responsibilities. They don’t get involved in exciting projects, but the day to day activity teaches them all the facets of a particular field. The participants learn from the in-depth guidance of individually assigned, senior mentor experts from the specialist departments. Bosch is a diverse global organisation means the participants can rotate the different sites of Bosch and build a broad and hard network with the company.

What final word of advice will you offer your potential graduate recruits?

If candidates have demonstrated their passion for their field with extra curricular activities, whether it is with the university, individual projects or other means then this will all aid their application.

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