How can Mechanical Engineers Get an Internship in L&T?


How can Mechanical Engineers Get an Internship in L&T?

To get an internship for mechanical engineers in any company will be too much difficult because no company has any personnel to deal with the intern students. But to get an internship in a company, try to trace down any friend or a family member who is working for a company. With the reference of the working candidate in the company, you can get an internship.

If this option doesn’t work, you can check HR’s email id from their website and email him your all requirements with most sincerity. you may also mention in the email that why you want an internship at L&T. And also Attach your resume. Once you got a reply from them or even if you don’t get a reply, then get a request letter from your HOD requesting you to take you into the company of an internship. this may help to look like a promising candidate.

I this also is not working then the next option is, you have to trace down your seniors who had done internships at the eminent companies and ask them for the procedure to get an internship. Also to you’re senior if you had left a good impression in the company, the request may work which will come from your senior.

Now aDays there is a competition between budding engineers to get into such top companies which are increasing rapidly and thus getting an internship in L&T will become quite challenging.

Getting an internship in L&T mostly depends on two factors:

  • The university where you are pursuing your Engineering degree.
  • your references to the people working in L&T.

Try your luck by requesting your trainer and placement cell of your institute to contact the HR department at any HQ regarding the internships. but if you have lot f references at L&T then you may approach them solely.

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