How can Engineers Get a Job in Mahindra and Mahindra?


How can Engineers Get a Job in Mahindra and Mahindra?

The vocational training & internship are two different parts largely considered one. But there is a big difference between the Internship and vocational training you get paid and you have to manage your expenses in training. Tata Motors has collaborated with the premier institution like COEP Pune, IITs, IIMs etc. This gives the student an opportunity of industry exposure. the company goes to these colleges and recruit the students for a technical internship through interviews, sponsored activities and events etc. Your placement coordinator should know that whether the TML visits your college or not. these students are given the opportunity to work on challenging projects on performance basis which are awarded by the pre-placements.

If your college does not fall under the criteria list of TML, You can apply through the official site of the Tata Motors under the career section by submitting your credentials and CV. It is much better to have a reference in the company. On the recruitment basis, you might be contacted with any of the business HR if it has any specific recruitment. But your probability is getting an internship through this route is very low though not impossible.

Most of the manufacturing based companies provide internship due to requirements of the companies act. If you have worked for the Tata Motors in the past and have interacted with students interning there and now you are looking for an internship on shop floor then the best way is to get recommended by an employee working in the plant. You can also contact your seniors working in the automobile sector or reach out the people via a social network. Mahindra and Mahindra may demand a lot from you and it will be a better option for you.

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