How to Get Prepare for a Second Interview?


How to Get Prepare for a Second Interview?

First think, what is the second interview? The second Interview is a second chance to get success. The second interview call comes don’t stammer and get shutter through it. Set time and date of interview. Don’t quit if not get selected for the first interview and prepare better for the next. The Second Interview means a second chance for hiring a manager to take a look at you and decide you are perfect or not.

The second Interview is another opportunity to show you are really the best person and perfect candidate for the job. In your first interview, you met someone from the human resource or hiring manager. But the second interview is “big leagues” means interview will be conducted by the little higher up person.

Think your first interview was your first date, Everyone behaved best but were trying to find any chemistry. Take the Second Interview seriously, And think it as the second date. When the second interview calls, don’t shutter through it. Take time to make brief interaction in best possible way. When you set up for an interview ask the questions with a list of names and roles. It is a great time to know what job you are going for. If you already know, take a time to ask it again. It is better to ask twice.

If you know any employee in a company or having contact with someone, Ask about the climate of the company. And also ask about the hiring persons which will hire you. But if you are asking a former employee, keep in mind why he is a former employee, and don’t dedicate your personal opinions. Check your resume triple times, keep extra copies of resume if you are going for a group interview.

Types of the second interview:

One on One

Your second interview could be similar as the first interview, only this time different person could be with different role and company.

Panel Interview

In Panel Interview, you face the “firing squad” at the time when you are interviewed with multiple people. Keep you cool and be prepared to answer barrage questions.

Group Interview

In group Interview, you are put in multiple candidates and interviewed all at the same time. The hiring manager will ask you to do exercise between other candidates, to get a feel how you will work if hired.


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