Get into the Mind set of an Interviewer.




Get into the Mind set of an interviewer.

For the job seekers, an interview might be a high-stress experience. But for an interviewer, it’s a daily work. For interviewers, some interviews will be hard, some will be interesting. But they decide which is in early process. The employers decide the idea to hire or reject the candidate in 30 seconds of the interview. The interviewer makes initial decisions about your personality which is hard to shake.

Humans make snap judgments whenever they meet someone new, Psychologists says. Interviewers don’t hire completely in a first few seconds they make assumptions by three factor: How easy you seem to work, your initial visual impact, and how personable you are. An interviewer will ask the questions related to it. They will question whether you are good at establishing relationships, are you pleased with your work, etc. Research the background of the people interviewing you. Focus on the person who makes the decision but communicates with everyone making eye contact while giving the answer.

Be friendly to everyone even the reception staff. Make small adjustments to interview performance and practicing open moments make big difference. It’s easy to plan your outfit. Try to look as you already work there. Dress slightly conservatively and be formal than employees already in post. When you arrive leave your coat, umbrella, bag in reception. Just carry a slim folder of documents you need, by these, you will look like an employee, not a visitor.

If you asked to give a presentation, make sure to prepare carefully by observing time limits. It does not only depend upon the communication ideas but also an audition whether you look and sound perfect. At last beware of informal interviews, because these interviews might in the boardroom or at the gym. If you assure that it is only a conversation than prepare for it thoroughly.



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