How Far you will Go to get a Job, to Reach your Dream Job


How Far Will You Go to Get a Job?

The daily thoughts are mostly on university job and work prospects. I have decided to look at the other people with some extreme to land themselves in their dream job. Today’s technology has allowed job seekers to take creative approaches such as posters and switch boards. Go through the following points they will tell you to let you how far you can go and what is the solution for it.


  1. Buy a Billboard:

Adam Pacitti was a successful person and be released that could not able to find a media job unless he stood out from many different candidates. Then a bought a billboard. He was a happily employed. After he spent next check buying another billboard and thanked everyone for helping. It is a perfect way to catch many people’s attention.

  1. I am the Best Bar None:

As someone loves chocolate, think of printing CV on the wrapping of a chocolate bar, like Nick Begley did. Doing this it land him both an internship and came first in a marketing job. It was a creative way which makes him stand out of the crowd.

  1. Sandwich Boarding Yourself:

For many people the last resort advertising your ability for work which worked for David Rowe. Offering the work was one of the ways as students encouraged to get inside the door with companies. But David offer declined by interested employers. It proved his confidence and was offered a job.

  1. Leafleting Anywhere:

Mass marketing helps to attract a potential employer’s attention. While spending money on printing, you need to get you name physically out and make you more memorable. There are many unique and extreme way people who have done to get a job; this shows the awareness of the importance of personal branding. By marketing ourselves we can also market the organization which passion and dedication.





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