Higher Maths in Lower Grades are Hurting Kids or Helping Kids?


Higher Maths in Lower Grades are Hurting Kids or Helping Kids?

Each and every parent wants to see their child with peers, and nowadays it means getting algebra in the eighth grade. but sometimes we forgot that algebra is a demanding course, with full of abstract and sophisticated ideas. do students really need to take this higher maths in lower grades, or do it will be harmful or good to them?

The pressure to stay on the normal track pushes the students into the maths courses for which they are not ready.

Dr.Brodkey every year meets with the parents whose freshmen are placed in algebra. but want to know how they accelerate their children into normal tracks because they want their children to reach AP calculus by their seniors. Dr. Brodkey asks the parents that whether the students want to jump into algebra or its parent decision to push them into maths course. He asks the parents to be careful because when students are pushed into the maths classes for which they are not ready, so they start finding the desire to come out of math classes as fast as possible. when a student gets to know calculus, they can struggle. they can easily do the first step of the problem, but not next because it requires solid algebra skills.

The move to introduced algebra comes from politicians, not from the teachers.

Like many teachers, Dr. Bordkey also motivates for California’s campaign for eight grade of algebra. I think it is pushed by the political agenda and I can’t see it positive. each and every student can learn algebra but the timing and age should be perfect. algebra is really a challenging course, even more than calculus. teacher introduces a new brand topic every week and expects complete mastery. thirteen and fourteen years students are developing their emotions and organizational skills, and algebra is a course which punishes any immaturity which a student may have.

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